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E-Car Isolation measurement

E-Car Isolation measurement

Is development of hybrid cars or E-Cars your working area and are you still struggling to isolate the high voltage levels up to 400V from the typicaly used voltages of 12V/24V and to ensure the passengers are isolated as well. Meder Electronic is able to offer you the perfect solution.

Isolation is a MUST
The isolation requirement is necessary for many applications within the electric and hybrid vehicles, including the battery system, DC/DC converter, inverters and charging systems that tie into the power grid. These vehicles require an internal measuring system in order to ensure these levels are isolated between the electronic components and frame of the vehicle. In order to connect or isolate these two systems for measuring, a high isolation relay is required.

Low power consumption
Reed relays from MEDER electronic are able to fulfill this requirement. Despite their small size, these relays have an isolation resistance of over 10 T Ohms. These relays offer very high breakdown voltages, exceeding 5kVDC across the contacts. Another advantage of these reed relays is low power consumption, as they only need power during the switching process. This improves the overall efficiency of the system. Reed relays from MEDER electronic are well sealed, making them a robust solution in these harsh environments.

Main Advantages

  • High isolation
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life expectations

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