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Isabellenhütte is a company rich in tradition. Its roots stretch back over 500 years in metal melting and processing. Today it ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of alloys for thermocouple, resistance alloys as well as low-impedance precision and power resistors, and is setting standards in the sector of precision measurement

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Applications Precision and Power Resistors Applications Measurement Applications Aloys
Power Conversion DC Measurement Compensating leads
Battery Management EV Chargers Resistance thermometers
Electrical Drive Battery Chargers Resistors
Traction Control Solar Farms Seat heaters
Electronic Energy meters   Signal lines
Solar Systems   Circuit breakers
Energy Management       Strain gauges
  • Supplier's Speciality:
    • Precision resistors - Power resistors
    • Current/Voltage measurement modules
    • High precision temperature measurement

  • Country: Germany
  • Website: http://www.isabellenhuette.de

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