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E-Bikes Brake detection

E-Bikes Brake detection

E-bicycles are extremely popular. Whether cutting back on carbon emissions or fuel costs, e-bicycles offer many green advantages with similar comforts of conventional bikes. Simple maneuverability and parking are particularly critical if your every day drive is to a congested city. While e-bicycles have been around since the late 1800’s, recent popularity, government regulations and the advent of new sensor technologies have fueled new improvements.

Safety first
European standard EN 15194, aimed at safety and reliability recommends that the electric auxiliary drive engine be closed off when the brakes are applied. This safety improvement utilizes a reed switch sensor and magnet to detect the movement of the hand brake lever. The reed sensor is situated in the brake housing while the permanent magnet is fixed in the hydraulic piston. The slightest movement of the brake lever brings the magnet into proximity with the sensor and switches off the motor. Reed sensors can do other e-bike safety switching functions such as activating the brake light, detecting seat occupancy, etc. Reed sensors from Standex-Meder are hermetically sealed to withstand brutal conditions and subsequently are ideally suited for e-bicycle applications. Additionally, they can accomplish more than one billion reliable switching cycles using a permanent magnet and they do as such with next to zero power consumption. These products are designed to meet the customers’ requirements for the magnetic sensitivity and assembly. Standex-Meder Reed products make an excellent contribution for an optimal interaction between driving and braking force.

Main Advantages

  • No power consumption
  • Small switch size
  • Hermetically sealed

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