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Allot - Solutions for Enterprises

Allot - Solutions for Enterprises

Enterprises worldwide use Allot solutions to get visibility into their networks, aligning network and application performance with business priorities and quickly troubleshooting network issues.

Traffic Intelligence and Monitoring Tools
See how your important applications are performing and identify the demands on your network.
Network intelligence is all about understanding how your business applications are performing and how your end users are behaving so you can create additional value and ensure consistent & reliable performance of your most important applications. Allot network intelligence provides a consolidated view of the corporate network so that network and security teams can act precisely and quickly to assure IT operations, network service, and application QoE.

QoE & Application Control for Enterprises
Assure the performance of your important applications.
A variety of different applications are running on your network. They serve different purposes, should be handled differently, and some shouldn’t even be on your network. Application control is about aligning network performance to business priorities and ensuring that your network serves the business first.

Web Security
Reduce the attack surface your business presents with 360° network visibility and control.
With over 100 web categories and real-time threat intelligence feeds, app visibility and control, and network based anti-malware, you can secure your business. With Allot Enterprise Web Security, you can block access to malicious web sites and risky applications, provide a secure online experience, and make the business environment safer and more productive.

Behavior Anomaly Detection (BAD)
Protect your network from small and large volumetric attacks, as well as short-lived attacks that can disrupt IT operations and your business.
Zero-day protection with behavior-based detection mitigates attacks within seconds. Inspecting both inbound and outbound traffic, the Allot BAD module also mitigates attacks from within the organization. The Allot BAD module, combined with traffic management, assures business application delivery and network operations, even under attack.

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Bart Janssen Bart Janssen
Please contact Bart with any questions or business opportunities relating to network monitoring and security. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Dutch market. Contact form bart.janssen@heynen.nl
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Joris Schreurs Joris Schreurs
Please contact Joris with any questions or business opportunities relating to Network Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Security. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Contact form joris.schreurs@heynen.be
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