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Allot Smart: Network Intelligence Solutions for CSPs

Allot Smart: Network Intelligence Solutions for CSPs

Actionable Intelligence drives smart decisions that enhance customer satisfaction

In today’s world of ever-expanding data traffic, flat or declining ARPU, competition, and revenue-eating OTT applications, CSPs must find a way to deliver attractive services at the highest QoE, while reducing both operational expenses and capital expenditures.

Allot Smart helps CSPs address these challenges with a suite of solutions for the following domains:

  • Network Visibility

  • Traffic Management

  • Policy & Charging Control

  • Regulatory Compliance

Allot Smart enables network operators to clearly see and understand their networks from within and provides the tools to optimize, innovate, and capitalize on every opportunity; from learning about users and network behaviors, to improving quality of service and reducing costs. All of this is achieved while increasing value to customers and deploying new services faster than ever before.

Allot Smart is a suite of network intelligence solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge DPI technology. Allot Smart solutions turn network visibility into actionable intelligence that enhances service performance and optimizes your customers’ quality of experience (QoE).

Flexible and Future-proof

Allot Smart can be flexibly deployed centrally or distributed in a traditional network or as a virtual network function in an NFV architecture. It is a future-proof platform that does not rely on any specific protocol or network service since it resides in the data path and is resilient to encryption.

Benefits: With a track record built on proven success with Tier-1 CPSs around the world, Allot Smart enables CSPs to leverage their unique location at the crossroads of the connected world. Allot Smart extracts actionable intelligence from CSP networks, helping them deliver the best services at the highest quality of experience while they:

  • Save at least 10% of access bandwidth costs

  • Defer capacity expansion by 1-2 years

  • Cut OPEX through automation

  • Reduce revenue leakage by up to 15%

  • Deliver Sustained QoE through Inline, Insightful Intelligence

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