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Isabellenhütte FMx Series

Isabellenhütte FMx Series

The new FMx resistor family from Isabellenhütte fills in the gab from 0.006Ω to 0.0015Ω.  This resistor series will be offered in chip sizes 1206, 1210 en 2512. the construction of this serie is well designed to create the best possible heat transfer without using big Cu-plates in the component, this make it possible to cool this compent via airflow or transfer it via Cu-plates in your PCB.

Isabellenhütte FMx Series

Application more and more require high power in a limited amount of space where hot spots are a no go. To measure the currents a low Ohmic resistor with a small possible footprint is a designers wish. A lot part are already available and the FMx is in test for many more please contact our specialist if you need a solution. Isabellenhütte can this serie an many more to fill in your application.

Specifications FMx:

  • Continuous current load up to 60A (0.0015Ω)
  • Available resistance values of 0.0015Ω, 0.002Ω, 0.003Ω, 0.004Ω, 0.005Ω, and 0.006Ω,
  • TCR value of <50 ppm/K (between +20°C and +60°C)
  • Temperature range from -65°C to +170°C
  • Tolerance ±1.0% and ±5.0%
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Power rating up to 4W at 70°C (depending on the resistance value required)
  • Suitable for IR and reflow soldering
  • Inductance of <0.5nH
  • Stability of <0.5 % (TK=80 °C) / <1.0 % (TK=110 °C) (at rated power, deviation after 2000h)
  • Conforms to AEC-Q200 (qualification pending)

Typical applications for the FMK series include:

  • Current sensor for power hybrid applications, DC to DC, DC-AC and Baterry chargers
  • Control systems for the automotive market, Chargers, Battery Management
  • Motor drives and power controlers
  • High power Switch mode power supplies 

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Johan De Ceuster Johan De Ceuster
Please contact Johan with any questions or business opportunities relating to Electronic Components and RF. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Belgian and Luxembourg market. johan.de.ceuster@heynen.be
+32 (0)11 60 09 10

Marcel van Venrooij Marcel van Venrooij
Please contact Marcel with any questions or business opportunities relating to Electronic Components. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Dutch market. marcel.vanvenrooij@heynen.nl
+31 (0)485 55 09 18


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