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A freely configurable sensor module for current, voltage and temperature

A freely configurable sensor module for current, voltage and temperature

Charge and discharge cycles have an impact on the longevity of lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles and the ultra-capacitors used for energy storage in photovoltaic systems. For this reason, it is necessary for battery safety and longevity to be able to establish the state of charge (SoC) and the state of function (SoF).

IVT sensor module
Isabellenhütte has a solution to this challenge in the form of the tried-and-trusted IVT sensor module for measuring current, voltage and temperature, which is now available in a modular design enabling customers to select individual components and configure their own made-to-measure IVT in accordance with their specific needs.

Modular system
For instance, a customer might choose communication between SPI or CAN interfaces, between a sensor module with or without galvanic separation or many other configuration possibilities. As well as the current input, up to three voltage inputs are possible; these can be fitted with input filters. Likewise, customers can choose from three different power supplies. The IVT can be equipped with an optional overcurrent detection facility. As well as the off-the-shelf products, customers can order specific solutions upon request.

Technical data on the IVT Modular:

  • Power supply 7-60 V;
  • 5 V 5-12 V;
  • Current range 150A... 1500A;
  • Extended current range up to 5600 A;
  • Current precision ... 125°C;
  • Temperature measurement resolution 1°C and operating temperature -40...105°C

Main Advantages

  • Operating range up to 5 kA peak and 1500 A continuous current
  • Interfaces: CAN, SPI
  • Bus bar temperature: up to 105 °C
  • Automotive-qualified
  • Accuracy: 16 bit
  • Up to 3 voltage channels for high voltages up to 800 V

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