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PS8000/PS9000 series

PS8000/PS9000 series

Accurate programmable DC voltage, current and power
There is increasing need for programmable power supplies for laboratories, industrial plants and machinery, who may be remotely controllable. For example, via Ethernet, CAN, GPIB, USB and RS232, so the feeds are multifunctional.

    Programmable, multi-interfacing to 9000W power supplies for laboratories and industry

  • The EA series PS8000/PS9000 power of Electro-Automatik Elektro-Automatik from Germany delivers advanced, microprocessor controlled laboratory and industrial power of the PS8000/PS9000 series in table and 19 inch rack version. The series offers a simple controlled power supplies with many striking features. The units are equipped with a Memory, 5 settings you can save and instantly recall them with a simple push of a button. As an option, EA and various interfaces that allows for multiple applications.

  • Main Advantages

  • Various interfaces (including Ethernet, CAN and USB)
  • Simple operation
  • High efficiency: up to 90%
  • Wide input voltage range of 90-264VAC with active PFC!