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SenGenuity started out as a strategic business unit of Vectron International (www.vectron.com). The SenGenuity Sensor Engines are unique sensor solutions designed and manufactured based on Vectron International's world–class Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technologies.

SenGenuity Sensor Engines are optimized for specific sensing applications and offer key advantages and attributes, including:

  • Small Size
  • Quick and accurate measurement capability
  • Robust and Reliable Performance in very harsh environments
  • Adaptable to application specific requirements


Current Products include:

  • In–line, continuous viscosity sensing solutions
  • Passive (batteryless) and Wireless Temperature sensing solution
  • Passive (batteryless) and Wireless Pressure sensing solutions
    Country: Germany
    Website: http://www.sengenuity.com

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Viscosity Sensor
  • - Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • - Wireless Food Temperature Probe