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Radcom - Service Assurance

Radcom - Service Assurance

Cloud-native probe-based service assurance is the only choice for operators to achieve full network visibility during their transition to 5G. Probes empower operators with an end-to-end view across different network tiers (edge, core, IP, etc.), and cross-domains (physical and virtual); essential for assuring the customer experience in today’s highly competitive markets.

RADCOM Service Assurance allows telecom operators to gain end-to-end network visibility and customer experience insights across NFV and hybrid networks.

With complete network visibility operators can seamlessly transition to the cloud and enjoy the benefits of a software-centric network while ensuring end-to-end service quality and customer experience. Through its cloud-native offering, RADCOM Service Assurance delivers a real-time, high performance, and automated solution that is critical in providing operators customer insights in today’s top-tier, high-capacity networks.

RADCOMize your service assurance solution: 

  • Attain complete end-to-end network visibility across hybrid networks

  • Ensure NFV transformation success by delivering network visibility from day one

  • Understand in real-time network performance and customer satisfaction with network insight use cases to increase end-to-end customer experience

  • Increase service assurance efficiency, reliability, and scalability with a microservices architecture for continuous monitoring services

  • Assure your end-to-end services with the most advanced VNF in the network

  • Deliver service assurance cost-efficiency for high capacity top-tier networks

  • Implement best practices and methodologies for integrating cloud-native assurance into an operator's cloud environment

  • Monitor IoT traffic with comprehensive data visualizations of the device state, and service details

  • Future-proof your assurance with 5G readiness from day one



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