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Manage calls during your radio show

Manage calls during your radio show

During your radio show you often get your listeners to participate by phone. You have telephone conversation with guests like contest winners, reporters in the field and listeners that request to hear a certain song. And it would be great to have solution that allows you to manage these calls. That shows you who is calling and allows you to work together with your producer who selects callers that go on air.

Drag and drop calls to a fader
Studer’s Call Management System (CMS) offers DJ’s and producers an integrated solution to manage incoming and outgoing calls for radio shows. It offers advanced features such as caller recognition (through a database), waiting lists and games. DJ’s can work in selfopp mode or together with a producer (screener) who works in parallel on a separate touchscreen. Get callers on air by simply dragging and dropping them to a fader. With Studer’s CMS you don’t need any separate telephone hybrids anymore.

Now available; CMS lite
The feature rich CMS from Studer is now made available to every station, regardless the size. A standard IT platform, VoIP technology and limited clients, telephone- and audio lines have reduced the cost to customers significantly. CMS lite and the OnAir 1500 offer radio stations advanced features that are normally only available to the big stations at a cost that is affordable to them.

Main Advantages

  • Increase interaction with your listeners
  • Work in selfopp mode or together with a producer
  • Easy to install and use

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