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Combilent Tx Composite Power Monitor by Heynen

Combilent Tx Composite Power Monitor by Heynen
Based on customer requests and requirements, Combilent has developed a range of monitoring solutions to detect possible errors in a timely manner so that they can be solved before it has consequences for the operation of the network. All units can be remotely accessed and mearsure the power of the signal. You can find a complete overview of the solutions here.
On this page we will provide more details on the Tx Composite Power Monitor.
The Tx Composite Power Monitor measures the total RMS power of all signals in the system using a dual directional coupler, a switch selecting forward / reflected power and an RMS detector. It includes an Ethernet-interface, has web server access and a relay alarm output for security.
It is possible to apply this monitor as a standalone device. However, Combilent also offers the possibility to integrate the Tx Power Monitor into other components of the RF infrastructure like filters, combiners or duplexers. In this last scenario the monitor will be installed at the antenna connector and communicate through CAN bus to the site controller based on a defined protocol. They can also be made ready for mounting in 2U tray for more ease of installation.
The pictures at the bottom of the page show some examples of possibilities.



Frequency range

350-470 MHz

770-790 MHz

830-860 MHz

Or other bands with a different coupler

Dynamic range

30 dB forward

50 dB reflected

Coupler directivity

25 dB

Insertion loss

0.1 dB (coupler)

Power measurement

RMS composite power


Forward power

Reflected power

Return loss

Alarms (low power, return loss)



ETH, CAN, serial

Power supply

+12VDC / +24VDC / AC


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