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Combilent Group Monitoring Solutions by Heynen

Combilent Group Monitoring Solutions by Heynen
Do you trust that your RF Communications System and devices are operational 24/7? What are your costs if your RF Communication System is down? Do you spend too many resources on preventive tests and inspections of your RF site equipment? If you want answers to these questions, the RF Monitoring solutions from Combilent are game changers.
Based on customer requests and requirements, Combilent Group has developed a range of monitors, all facilitating supervision of a wide range of critical performance parameters. It is important to know that all monitors...
  • ...are capable of 24/7 monitoring of your critical transmit- or receive line performance.
  • ...are designed for use in VHF-, UHF-, 700 MHZ-, 800 MHz- and 900 MHz bands.
  • ...do not interfere with normal system operation.
  • ...provide measures of forward and reverse power, either composite or frequency selective.
  • ...can be remotely accessed by ethernet connectivity, using an embedded webserver or SNMP-protocol.
  • ...can incorporate external alarm inputs.
  • ...can be used as standalone solution or integrated in other RF infrastructure products (combiners, filters).
The range of standard solutions consists of a Tx Composite Power Monitor, Tx Frequency Selective Power Monitor and Receive Antenna VSWR Monitor. Follow the links to learn more of each solution.
Why choose Combilent?
Combilent has led the global PMR infrastructure market for 15+ years. Where most manufacturers adapt generic products to function in a range of scenarios, Combilent designs every product for optimal functionality in its specific role. The solutions incorporate fewer components and function with higher performance, efficiency and reliability.
Since Combilent are not limited to standard solutions or standalone products, please reach out to us if you cannot find a monitoring solution that entirely fits your needs or if you would like to integrate monitoring in RF infrastructure products.

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