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Application-based Test Setups by APITech

Application-based Test Setups by APITech
Engineers working on the design, characterization and validation of wireless technology are constantly pushing bounderies. A critical step in this process is testing. Thanks to programmable attenuators and switches they are in the position to speed up this phase, although still a lot of time is spent gathering the right components for the test bench.
In fact it is important that all components from source to the device-under-test (DUT) are in complete harmony with one another. The better this is done, the more control can be exercised over the quality of the design so it is possible that much time is spent on selecting and aligning components.
APITech has a broad portfolio when it comes to testing and can accomodate complete test benches. With many years of experience and heritage in wireless markets they are leading the market with a brand that resembles quality and reliability.
They have launched the idea of application-based test setups (i.e. 5G, IoT or WiFi) which are complete sets of components all carefully tuned and prepared to provide optimal results out-of-the-box. This offers a number of benefits;
  • Time-saving: No need to spend time selecting and aligning seperate components.
  • Best possible synergy between components.
  • Tailor-engineered to your specific application.
  • Turn-key: Ready to go straight out of the box.
  • Uniformity in measurement results when you need multiple benches.

There even is an opportunity to engineer the products to your specification. Therefore, if you are an engineer and you are putting together a new test bench, reach out to our local product experts at Heynen for more information.

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