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APITech Wireless Testing Subsystems

APITech Wireless Testing Subsystems
Before wireless technology reaches your home, office space or any other place where you are connected to the rest of the world, it undergoes a process of design, testing and validation because companies are pushing technology to get everyone the best possible user experience.
Due to the fact that the time between product launches gets shorter, companies need to improve their time-to-market often putting pressure on engineering teams. On the flipside they need to be cost aware because of the price sensitivity of the market.
APITech has a wide portfolio of test systems for all relevant wireless network technologies (including 5G and WiFi6E) that allows for fast and on-budget roll-out of your products, links and services without having to compensate in terms of quality or specifications.
There are cases where engineers need to test complex use cases such as MU-MIMO, handovers, VoIP or mesh connectivity. For those cases APITech offers both off-the-shelf and built-to-order subsystems to get test results engineers can rely on.
For solutions that are engineered to specification APITech offers complete flexibilty in terms of component choice by building subsystems with either Weinschel-brand components or components or a third-party selected by you. APITech can even design and manufacture custom components upon request.
Switch Matrices

The main advantage of the APITech switch matrices is the fact that they are modularly designed. This allows for production with custom NxM configuration implementing only minor design changes. They can do a variety of switching designs such as blocking-, non-blocking- and full fan-out in combination with various control options including USB, Ethernet or RS-232 Serial.

RF Distribution Networks
Thanks to its diverse portfolio of solutions APITech has the ability to combine those solutions into a custom subsystem. These are usually more powerful than the standalone components because of the precision engineering and allignment. You can think of combinations using high performance switches, combiners, amplifiers, directional couplers, and other microwave components. Systems can be built to your print, or engineered by the expert team at APITech.
Fading Simulation
There are applications that require a fading simulation. For example: 3G, GSM, PCS, CATV  and cable modem components. APITech has the capabilities to integrate the necessary components into a working subsystem ready for these types of test.
For more information on wireless testing consult your local Heynen contact, their details can be found below. They are glad to help you with your queries.

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