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APITech Powerfilm Chip Attenuators

APITech Powerfilm Chip Attenuators
The newest Powerfilm chip attenuators from APITech Inmet, rated to 30 GHz. Optimized for radar, T/R modules, E/W, mmWave and 5G applications. Best-in-class performance in 0603 package size. This surface mount attenuator is available in 1dB steps from 0 to 10, 12, 15, and 20dB.
Powerfilm chip attenuators are used in amplifier circuits, receivers, up/down converters, phase-matched arrays, and switching applications and the list continues to grow.
The Powerfilm chip attenuator range also has a selection of  temperature-variable chip attenuators. These are designed to reduce the attenuation at elevated temperatures to provide optimal response needed in i.e. signal-leveling applications.
All Powerfilm components are built to match RF performance, power handling, installation or environmental/material specifications. Depending on the needs, the chips are fabricated on BeO-, Aluminum Nitride-, or Alumina ceramics combined with either thin film and/or thick film resistors and an optional finish of  Silver over Nickel, Tin-lead solder, Lead-free solder or Gold.
Select features:
  • Support up to 30 GHz.
  • Support up to 250 W.
  • 30x60 (0.89x1.65mm) package.
  • Surface mount (drop-in or wirebond).
  • Selectable dB values (1-12dB; 15 & 20dB).
  • Thin film resistor.
  • Optional temperature variable designs.
  • Available in lead-free, tin-lead solder or gold finish.
Read more about the core principles of Powerfilm technology here.
Design kits are available on request.
If you do not see a solution that meets your needs, contact us and together with the design team we will look for options. From a stretch of the existing products to completely custom designs.

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