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Knowles Precision Devices - Johanson

Knowles Precision Devices - Johanson

Johanson Manufacturing, a world-class supplier of trimmer capacitors, non-magnetic variable inductors and microwave tuning elements, joined Knowles precision devices in 2017

  • Supplier's Speciality:
    • Variable capacitors & inductors
    • Non-magnetic trimmer capacitors
    • Thin-Trim®, Cera-Trim®, SealTrim®
    • Air trimmers
    • Non-magnetic variable inductors
    • Microwave tuning elements
    • Precision microwave tuning elements
    • Dyna-Trim™ Dielectric resonator tuners
    • Giga-Trim®

  • Country: USA
  • Website: https://www.knowlescapacitors.com/

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