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XY-receiving and Z-transponder coil for comfort and safety applications: Highest sensitivity and Q

XY-receiving and Z-transponder coil for comfort and safety applications: Highest sensitivity and Q

When developing for example a keyless entry, immobilizer or TPMS-systems you're looking for a highly sensitive RFID transponder coil which fulfils the strongest quality requirements.

    KOA transponders

  • For these kinds of comfort and safety applications, KOA introduces transponder coils with an innovative design and a typical application frequency in the range of 125 kHz. Data can be exchanged in a contactless system which consists of the transponder and the reader and is wear-free. The transponder coil is part of the coupling device and acts as the antenna. In passive transponders, the induced energy can be used as power instead of a battery. In active transponders the voltage is used to wake up the circuit and to use its internal battery.

  • Portfolio

  • KOA has expanded its inductor portfolio by adding the KT11835 and the KTZ1030 transponder coils. The XY-receiving transponder coil and the Z-transponder coil are optimized for the high requirements of the automotive industry. Key features of the KOA transponder coils are the high mechanical reliability with 4 terminals, high Q and excellent sensitivity up to 75mV/μT in the low-frequency region around 125 kHz. Both series are AEC-Q200 qualified and meet EU-RoHS requirements. The 4 terminals of KOA's molded KT11835-series are positioned on the sides and don't interrupt the magnetic flux. The part withstands horizontal mechanical load of more than 100N and shows the highest level of sensitivity. The Z-axis transponder coil KTZ1030 with its 10x10mm size and only 3.2mm max. height was especially optimized for the mechanical and electrical demands of RFID design.

  • Application examples

  • RF-ID Automobile industry, Passive keyless entry/start, Smart-key (inside key), Immobilizer, TPMS-system, Logistics (e.g. tracking devices), Security systems (e.g. access control), Animal identification (e.g. feeding) Agriculture, Medical engineering,

  • Main Advantages

    Highest sensitivity and Q due to optimized magnetic material and special electrode structure
  • 4 terminals ensure strongest mechanical stability
  • Contactless, wireless identification
  • Reliability conforming to automotive requirements
  • Customized inductance values on request
  • Higher SRF than other coils of the same size