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Wide range power measurement with PC interface

Wide range power measurement with PC interface

Are your service engineeres tired of carrying around all the equipment needed for field power measurements ??  The Wideband Power Solution of Bird allows them to use a standard PC with the supplied VPM2 software of Bird to execute all field Power measurements needed. Connecting the Wideband Power model to the USB interface and you are ready to go !!!!

Bird’s® Wideband Power Sensor Series (WPS) never requires field calibration, only requires calibration once per year and are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The WPS measures True Average Power, Peak Power, and Duty Cycle directly with exceptional accuracy and uses these precise measurements to calculate a wide range of other important factors, such as VSWR, Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient, Crest Factor, Average Burst Power, and CCDF.

    WPS Series model selection

  • The WPS series has a range of several models covering the power and frequency ranges needed for your application. The 5017 and 5019 Models have a frequency range starting from 25 Mhz up to 1 GHz. The 5012, 5016 and 5018 models can even be used for frequencies up to 4 Ghz

  • Power Ranges

  • The WPS series has the possibility to select the right model fitting your application. Power ranges of 100mW to 500W avarege power are available with Peak power range up to 1300 W. The Heynen account managers can help you in selecting the right model for your application

  • VPM2 Software

  • Bird supplies the VPM2 software free of charge which allows the user to interface with the WPS models. The software allows the user to save users sessions, predefine setup's which allows multiple users to define their own working environment. Data can be saved and exported to Excel to allow external reporting an capturing .

  • Main Advantages

    No Calibration
  • Free Monitoring software
  • User defined set-up
  • Software Controlled User interface