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Monday, 20 July 2015 12:52

Vectron Miniature GPS Disciplined Oscillator

Vectron Miniature GPS Disciplined Oscillator

Is your application in the area LTE, Digital Video Broadcast, E911 Location systems, Military Radio the new Vectron MD-261 could be of interest

The MD-261 is a fully integrated GNSS disciplined oscillator module in a compact surface mount 25 x 20 mm package. The module has an embedded 34 channel receiver that is both GPS and GLONASS compatible and provides and LVCMOS 10 MHz and 1pps output. An onboard OCXO or High Precision TCXO is available dependent on performance requirements. The module operates from -40oC to 85oC, and is capable of providing a holdover of 1.5 µs over 2 hours of +/-2oC temperature window. An evaluation kit with operating software is available for development purposes



The device features an  Embedded GNSS Receiver,  GPS and GLONASS Compatible. Has the option  for a Embedded OCXO or TCXO. The holdover over 2 hours is 1.5 µs. Other interesting spec’s are : 1pps LVCMOS output signal standard, 10 MHz LVCMOS output and a standard 1pps auxilary input.