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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 14:41

Vectron Improved Performance for Space applications

Vectron Improved Performance for Space applications

The frequency range of the Vectron Space qualified series EX-219 has been expanded to 120 Mhz. Not the only enhancement to this series also a supply voltage of 3.3 V has been added to the portfolio, an increased frequency range of 120Mhz and an improvement of the phase noise floor are part of the new features.

Designs in the area of Manned Space Flights, Deep space exploration and defense or commercial satellites can benefit from these enhancements.

In combination with the other great benefits of this device like a low steady state power of 0.7 W, low mass (7 grams) and a radiation tolerance of 100 krads makes this design an excellent choice



New Features

  • ​Frequency range extended to 120MHz
  • +3.3V supply voltage option
  • Increased output power option (+5 dBm)
  • Dual supply option for separation of oven and oscillator lines
  • Improved phase noise floor performance 
  • Engineering Model screening option
  • Application notes added to datasheet

Same Great Benefits

  • Operating temp range: -40 to 85oC
  • Temp stability as tight as ±50ppb
  • Supply: 3.3V or 5.0V
  • Output: HCMOS or Sinewave
  • Low turn-on power: 2.2W
  • Short warm-up time: 3 min to within ±100ppb
  • Very low steady-state power: 0.7W @ +25oC
  • Package: Evacuated, cold weld enclosure
  • Dimensions: 24 x 26 x 9 mm DIP enclosure
  • Low mass: 7 grams
  • Radiation tolerant to 100krads(Si)



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