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Friday, 01 August 2014 07:04

Vectron High Temperature

Vectron High Temperature

The MD-173 High Stability Coefficient Corrected Oscillator

The MD-173 is a Vectron "Coefficient Corrected Oscillator"

(CCXO) that contains a high stability ovenized crystal oscillator and an I2C interface that communicates with temperature and current sensors, and an onboard EEPROM. The interface enables the customer to improve upon the already exceptional stability of the oscillator


- Frequency Range: 5 to 20MHz

- Uncorrected temperature stability to 0.4 ppb

- Aging rate to 0.06 ppb/day

- I2C interface with frequency coefficients,

temperature sensor, and current sensor

- Output: HCMOS, Sinewave

- Supply: 5V or 12V

- Package: 28 x 38 x 14mm


- LTE Base Stations

- Rubidium Replacement

- Military Communications Equipment