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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 11:13

Vectron and Microsemi's Reference Design Colaboration

Vectron and Microsemi's Reference Design Colaboration

Vectron has been working closely with Microsemi in order to establish reference designs on a number of their products. Currently both parties are in the process of establishing formal agreements, that will generate a greater exposure to the design community. Vectron will be supporting Microsemi customers by ensuring an inventory position on each of the products that gets approved against a reference design. Samples will be available on request.

Examples of recent reference design successes with Microsemi and inventory, are available for the parts mentioned below. The 3 listed Vectron part numbers continue to be referenced with design variations of Microsemi’s products. The TX-500-0083-98M304 was originally qualified with the ZL30622, and it is now being referenced with 4 additional Microsemi part numbers. According to Microsemi, there should be significant opportunities for the VCC1-1537-114M285 in the field of communications. Vectron is qualified with Microsemi's latest product offerings, and can therefore provide proper support with design-in.

Microsemi Vectron

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