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Transfer Audio with Low Latency

Transfer Audio with Low Latency

You want to stream Audio with low Latency with high Quality to the Studio?

Sudio Transmission Links STLs and mission-critical applications, the WorldCast Horizon NextGen provides extensive control and monitoring capabilities to manage both your audio, data and network conditions and other equipment located at the transmitter site.


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  • The WorldCast Horizon NextGen boasts the most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s extensive range of professional IP codecs and is the first to feature the revolutionary “SureStream” technology. No PC, real DSP technics: This next generation IP audio codec also offers a wide range of algorithms as standard on a solid DSP platform with dual IP ports and redundant power supplies. Despite the high feature density, the WorldCast Horizon NextGen is extremely competitively priced. Secure audio over insecure networks. Due to "normal" packet loss on the internet "Surestream" can handle these issues and delivers high Quality audio at the Studio site. Seamless switching – no primary and secondary circuits Hard redundancy by optional Dual power supply, dual Ethernet connectors and streams. Soft redundancy by "SureStream" Technics

  • Enhanced apt-X – the EBU standard

  • The Standard for Eurovision, live events by Eurovision for radio are supported with codecs by APT. Why? Low latency, Non Destructive algorithm.

  • SureStream link

  • More information about SureStream technnics

  • Main Advantages

    Professional & Affordable IP audio codec
  • Dual IP ports configurable for back up
  • Non-Destructive, Cascade-Resilient Coding with Enhanced apt-X and Linear PCM with 16 & 24Bit resolution
  • SureStream technology enables broadcast-grade audio over inexpensive IP links
  • Best Price

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  • WorldCast Systems - apt - ecreso - audemat

    WorldCast Systems designs and develops a wide range of innovative broadcast equipment for the Radio & TV markets worldwide.

    WorldCast Systems combine the expertise and knowledge gained over 60 years’ experience in the field with the latest innovative technologies to provide broadcast engineers with highly reliable, efficient and user-friendly products.

    Encompassing the leading brands APT, Ecreso & Audemat, our product range includes audio codecs, FM transmitters, RF signal monitoring, RDS encoders, audio processors and remote site control units, designed to meet the needs of both large international broadcast networks and small private stations alike.

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