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Monday, 11 July 2016 11:09

Toroidal Powertransformers Protect Sensitive Medical Devices

Toroidal Powertransformers Protect Sensitive Medical Devices

Protect Sensitive Medical Devices in Patient Care Environments. New toroidal power transformers from Standex-Meder Electronics protect sensitive medical devices including those used in patient care environments. Available as bare toroids which can be integrated into the devices themselves or as toroids housed in enclosures with circuit breakers, fused input, plug-ins and other user-friendly options. Compliant with UL/IEC 60601 specifications, these transformers feature extremely low leakage current between primary.

Standex-Meder toroidal power transformers for medical applications provide affordable protection. They can also be customized to suit particular requirements.

Options available include:
•Connector harnesses
•Circuit breakers, fused input
•Mounting options
•Temperature & over-current protection
•Dual inputs (120/240V)
•Protective earth shielding
•Ultra low μA leakage current between primary and secondary windings

Many companies can make electronic components – but Standex-Meder stands apart. They produce components to meet tight performance characteristics – and then validate them in a world class test lab. They have the global presence to simplify logistics and lower delivery costs. This “global footprint” is combined with engineering expertise, precision manufacturing capabilities, and worldwide manufacturing in lower-cost regions (while maintaining quality standards). The result is that Standex-Meder Electronics is uniquely qualified to deliver your medical grade toroidal power transformer requirements.

Custom Standex-Meder Toroidal Power Transformers for Medical Applications

-This toroidal transformer was designed to meet the demanding needs of medical imaging.

Custom designed and manufactured specifically for a demanding application, this toroid includes value-added components such as connector harnesses and application-specific packaging and shielding.

-This custom transformer was designed specifically for the unique application requirements of surgical imaging environments.

With capacity up to 5kVA, it has sufficient power for use in multiple imaging units. Low loss and leakage inductance ensures clean scans and safer procedures. Connector harnesses and custom packaging speed the installation – saving time and labor costs while ensuring the success of our customer’s products.

Please contact your Heynen rep. for more (purchasing) information.