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The test set that doesn't bother the xDSL line

Tempo Digialert 361

You need to test a telephone line but you don't want to disturb the digital service that might be on the line. Imagine that the subscriber is watching IPTV and you disconnect him in search of the right twisted pair to exchange. Tempo's 361 xDSL Compatible Telephone will not disturb the xDSL connection while testing a line.

    Tests on ADSL lines

  • Today, engineers face a constant increase in data on copper lines. During installation or maintenance operations of the traditional voice services, the technician must take into account that there might be digital traffic on the line. Tempo's D361 Test Set offers the latest in data protection, allowing technicians to service POTS on a live ADSL line without the risk of interrupting the data service. The DigAlert 361 includes all the features of DigAlert 360 as the additional attribute "full duplex hands free'. The D361 also offers the ability to use the POTS line from a live ADSL service call. In addition to the ADSL and ADSL2 + is also a test VDSL compatible phone.

  • Beep, beep, bop, bop

  • When connecting to an xDSL line, the data-alarm is triggered (Beep, Beep ... bop, bop ...) followed by the lockout of the unit. Because it is an ADSL line, it shows the DC voltage has a "normal" POTS voltage amplitude. This makes it possible to remove the alarm by pressing the '-talk button for 5 sec. until the alarm stops. Lockout of the line will then be forced. The alarm is now unusable until the unit is disconnected from the line or until the unit is switched off; the unit can remain in monitor mode on the line. During an incoming call is not necessary to release the alarm. The unit goes off the line, once the 'talk' button is briefly pressed. This is a very clever feature that is not available on any of our competitors’ products. When the line is disconnected and then reconnected with another line, the alarm is reset again and ready for a new task.

  • Main Advantages

    Five-way Digital Service Protection
  • No off-hook on
  • Visual and audible status indication
  • Alarm & lockout, if the user goes off hook on a line carrying digital service

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