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The Ethernet-compatible gigabit terminal block

The Ethernet-compatible gigabit terminal block

METZ CONNECT has launched a new generation of connection systems. The substantial increase in devices linked via a permanent cable connection, such as network-compatible cameras, WiFi spots, room temperature controllers, house telephones, time capture systems, fire protection, alarm and access control systems, has led to METZ CONNECT developing a future-oriented product innovation which offers an intelligent alternative solution for pluggable RJ45 solutions for wall-mounted devices with a permanent cable connection.

    High performance

  • The new gigabit terminal block by METZ CONNECT is a high performance, Ethernet-compatible connection system for data cables in wall-mounted devices with a permanent cable connection. The advantages of direct connections for wall-mounted devices are obvious. Compact design for flat devices, improved safety through internal connections, cost advantages through system connections as well as optimal connection friendliness, perfect network cabling for the wall-mounted devices of tomorrow. On the normative side, the foundations are presently being laid for the implementation of direct wire connections in the market, something which is already standard in other countries.

  • Convincing technical features

  • The new METZ CONNECT gigabit terminal block is available as pluggable version for pin strips to connect shielded and unshielded data cables to circuit boards. Contact is via IDC contacts. The connection is suitable for 2-pair and 4-pair cables (twisted pair) type AWG 26/7 – 22/7 (braid) and AWG 24/1 – 22/1 (solid wire). Full shielding of the terminal block via a metal cover is available as an option; PoE + capable to IEEE 802.3.at. At the same time this terminal block offers data transmission in the gigabit range.

  • Designed to meet requirements

  • In most applications unshielded cabling will be sufficient for wall-mounted devices with a permanent cable connection. However, one should always consider the application in question: for example, if electromagnetic effects interfere with data transmission, then a shielded system should be used.

  • Main Advantages

    Cost advantages of system connection
  • Internal connection increases safety
  • Compact design for flat devices
  • Saves space in the device
  • PoE + possible
  • Suitable for 2-pair and 4-pair data lines (twisted pair) type AWG 26/7 – 22/7 (braid) and AWG 24/1 – 22/1 (solid wire)

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  • Metz Connect

    METZ CONNECT is a medium-sized, family-run German company. Technology, innovation, solidarity, reliability – what counts is the responsibility to our employees and market partners. All divisions of the company are managed in a sustainable manner and on the basis of certified quality standards.

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