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Testing all kinds of rechargeable Batteries.

Cadex C7400-C

Cadex offers three models of C7000 Series battery analyzers, all sharing the same functionality, accessories, battery adapters and intuitive user interface. The analyzers work with most rechargeable chemistries in stand-alone mode or using the optional PC-BatteryShop™ software.

    Cadex makes Batteries run longer.

  • Restores weak batteries, prolongs battery life and improves system reliability; pays back in one year by lowering operating costs.

  • Advantages.

  • Whether in a retail store, service center, or logistics processing facility, testing cellular batteries yields tremendous value by determining the source of many common customer problems and eliminating needless replacement of good batteries at a significant cost. Supported by its patented QuickSort™ technology and unique “Boost” function, Cadex offers solutions that meet the specific needs of each user.

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    Cadex biedt drie modellen van C7000 Series battery analyzers, met allemaal dezelfde functionaliteit, accessoires, batterij adapters en intuïtieve gebruikersinterface. De battery analysers werken met de meeste oplaadbare batteries in stand-alone modus of met de optionele PC-BatteryShop ™ software.

  • Cadex kalibratie reparatiecentrum Benelux


    Heynen is binnen de Benelux het Cadex reparatie en kalibratie centrum, voor de Cadex batteryanalysers. Wij hebben de middelen, ervaring en technische voorzieningen voor het succesvol repareren onderhoud en kalibratie van alle Cadex battery analysers. Tevens staan wij in direct contact met Cadex Canada waardoor wij altijd alle spareparts beschikbaar hebben.



    Cadex Electronics makes battery analyzers, chargers and battery maintenance software.
    Its award-winning products have been deployed with great success in wireless communications, emergency services, mobile computing, biomedical, broadcasting, avionics and defense.

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