Network Monitoring and Analysis Solutions

Tap into your network

Tap into your network

You need permanent physical access to your network traffic for analysis, monitoring or security purposes. And you don't want to affect the performance or behavior of the network by using mirror (span) ports. At the same time you would like to aggregate and filter the captured traffic and manage these setting remotely.

    Permanent access without affecting the network

  • Network Critical has many years of experience in providing innovative network taps for various applications. The latest line of network taps that was recently introduced offers hardware and software features that allow complete modularity and flexibility. The Smart Network Access System (SNA) product line offers solutions from simple portable breakout taps up of rack-mounted chassis’ with backplane routing and aggregation

  • 10 Gb Ethernet Tap

  • Within the SNA program Network Criticial also offers a tap a solution for 10Gb Ethernet networks. This unit has in addition to the aforementioned features also selective filtering capabilities with routing to various 1Gb or 10Gb outputs. This enables to forward different datastreams to various tools to simulteanoussly monitor, secure and analyse you network. The enclosed software also provides several features to aggregate, correlate and visualize the data from one or more units

  • Main Advantages

    No point of failure
  • Fully modular
  • Portable or rack-mount
  • Copper and / or fiber interfaces
  • AC or DC power
  • Break-Out or aggregate