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System Spectrum Tracing with Bird's Advanced Spectrum Logging

System Spectrum Tracing with Bird's Advanced Spectrum Logging

If you have interferring signals that cause a disruption of your system then the new advanced spectrum logging option can help you by recording the spectrum traces so that even when no one is watching you can record these traces.

You can record specific frequencies or any portion of the spectrum from 100kHz to 3.6 Ghz. You can playback these traces to analyze the interferences or other RF events and identify the type or strength of these signals. This option gives you the possibility to resolve many of the occuring RF problems

The ASL option is available as an extra to the Rack mounted Signalhawk Product.

    What can be logged

  • With the system you can log traces for day's or weeks. Programmable on a single frequency or a frequency range.

  • Analysis & Automation

  • The system enables you to create automated testplans and you can review these traces with standard spectrum analyzer functions. The system can be accessed remotely via IP Enabled Ethernet

  • Main Advantages

    Trace Recording
  • Easy Debugging
  • Full Automation
  • Continuous Operation