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Thursday, 10 July 2014 11:29

Syfer, Novacap, DLI and Voltronics now -Knowles Capacitors-

Syfer, Novacap, DLI and Voltronics now -Knowles Capacitors-

On March 3rd 2014 Dover completed the spin off of Knowles Corporation. During this transition, the former CMP Group was fully transferred to the new organization.

The created Knowles Corporation exists of the brands Knowles, Sound Solutions, Vectron, DLI, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics.

Knowles Corporation is a market leader and global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic solutions and specialty components serving the mobile communications, consumer electronics, medical, military, aerospace and industrial markets.

The company is organized in 2 segments:

* Mobile Consumer Electronics: Provides the acoustic backbone to smartphones, tablets, headsets, laptops and other electronic products

* Specialty Components: Includes acoustic solutions for hearing aids, and oscillators and capacitors used in a broad range of electronic equipment


Knowles Capacitors

Knowles Capacitors, as one of the divisions of Knowles Corporation, is one company with 5 Product Groups and 4 Brands. This means that the different manufacturers under the CMP Group (Syfer Technology, Novacap, DLI and Voltronics) don't exist any longer. They've turned into one company with different brands. This one company has one business approach with one sales team creating one face to the customers.

The 5 Product Groups are

MLC Product Line
* High volume X7R, C0G
* Telecom & MRI Hi-Q

* Surface mount EMI filters

* Standardize production
* New PSL series – with standard P/Ns for power supply, LED and other high volume applications
* New Ultra Low ESR Hi-Q Range
Hi-Rel Product Line
* High reliability, medical, military
* Hi-Temp
* Military Hi-Q
* Leaded, stacked chips
* Planar arrays
* Feedthrough filters
* Non-standard parts & assemblies
SLC Product Line
* Single layer capacitors
* Hi-rel parts for military and space
* Heat sinks
* New product introductions for Telecom and Military customers
   - High cap SLC
   - 50V rated SLC
Thin Film Product Line
* Thin film devices
* Thin Film filters for military
Trimmer Capacitor Product Line
* Precisions multi-turn trimmers, ½ turn trimmers
* Strong product range for MRI applications
* New products
   - High RF power
   - Smaller HV Non-magnetic trimmers
   - Higher voltage half-turn trimmers