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SunLite GigE Ethernet Tester en GigE Responder

SunLite GigE Ethernet Tester en GigE Responder

Your network is very likely based on IP and Ethernet. And you become more and more dependent of this network due to all the additional (cloud) services that run on it. But do you know if your network is properly constructed, installed and designed for reliable Ethernet services? And do you get the bandwith that you pay for from your service provider?

    Sunrise Telecom Handheld Test set Gigabit Ethernet and GigE Responder

  • The Sunlite GigE Ethernet tester provides the Engineer of all test functions needed to verify service level agreements (SLAs) between, for example, service providers and their customers. Sunrise Telecom offers a solution that is fast, efficient, future-oriented and highly profitable. This compact field unit provides traffic generation and measurements to test and verify transport over Gigabit Ethernet end-to-end. It supports BER, determines throughput and link initialization, round trip delay and IP connectivity. The SunLite is quick and easy to use. With a single push of a button you access a full test suite including as BER test, roundtrip delay or RFC 2544 *. The large and bright display provides a summary of the results that are also available a test report. In short a complete solution for installation and maintenance of 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet and IP services. * RFC2544 is an international reference test (benchmarking methodology) for quality measurement of Ethernet network connections.

  • End-to-end Ethernet test kit

  • For a simple and efficient Ethernet end - to end test you can now also use the Sunrise Responder. The SunLite GigE Responder is a low-cost and compact handheld platform from Sunrise with loopback functionality that can be perfectly used with a standard, full-featured test set on one side and the GigE Responder on the other side. In this way throughput, bit error rate, round trip delay, packet jitter and quality of service can easily be verified. All in all a very handy loopback device for testing Ethernet to GigE rate

  • Main Advantages

    Rugged, compact, lightweight, quick boot-up time, high resolution color screen, No cooling fan
  • Complete solution for installation and maintenance of Gigabit Ethernet and IP Services
  • 10/100/1000 BASE-T and 1000 BASE-X test interfaces
  • Full 10/100 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) line rate traffic generation
  • Performs throughput, latency, frame loss and back-to-back tests per RFC 2544
  • BER testing at layer 1, layer 2, layer 3 (IP) for Gigabit Ethernet and IP services

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