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Wednesday, 22 June 2016 09:22

Standex Meder Smart Tech for Containers,Trailers and Wagons

Standex Meder Smart Tech for Containers,Trailers and Wagons

In order to make shipping containers, Semi-Trailers and freight wagons a vital part of the supply chain in the near future, they can be equipped with a wide range of sensors. This helps integrate containers and goods into a system with more transparency throughout the supply chain. Due to high regulations, there is a demand for robust and simple technology, for monitoring location, tampering, vibration, temperature, dirt, and moisture.

Customized Sensor Solutions allow Standex Meder to consider the needs and desires of the customer, herewith developing and producing custom innovations for them with the highest quality requirements. Their sensors are characterized by high reliability, no power consumption, non-contact switching, and are (optionally) hermetically sealed in robust and shielded housings. For instance, take ferromagnetic metal detection sensor products. They are a great alternative to inductive proximity sensors, suitable for a wide range of applications such as position control, and security of doors. Available in screw fastened flange mount and PCB through-hole (THT) designs.

Near Future Transportation - Industry 4.0
To turn shipping containers, semi-trailers and freight wagons into connected means of transportation, they are equipped with sensors that collect data on their current position and condition of their cargo; 

  • Monitoring parameters such as temperature, air humidity, and amount of shocks sustained.
  • Sensors can be used for diagnosis during maintenance intervals.
  • GPS tracking allows the customer to locate the exact location of the goods and optimize their logistics process.
  • In collaboration with digital IT infrastructures for controlling logistic processes, business automation allows shipping containers to be optimally predisposed.

Key Meder Solutions Benefits
- Hermetically sealable
- Minimal space requirements
- Corrosion resistant
- Ease of implementation
- Invisible
- Cost effective solution

Please contact your Heynen rep. for (purchasing) information.