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Monday, 22 June 2015 06:55

Standex-Meder Electronics | New Global Combined Website is Live

Standex-Meder Electronics | New Global Combined Website is Live


StandexMeder Electronics has created, built, and put much effort into launching a new global, combined, refreshed website! You can visit the new live site at www.standexelectronics.com, and www.standexmeder.com will also redirect here, along with all other appropriate URL’s.

This has been a huge project and high profile task in order to propel StandexMeder forward. It will breathe consistency, cohesion, and more robust sharing globally by having a digital platform and engagement tool that shares the various products and capabilities StandexMeder provides to solve customer’s problems. 


  • 782+ pages of refreshed content and layout/design and nearly 2,000 pages indexed, 30,000 links backed up with proper redirect to drive an enhanced customer experience.
  • Technical Library of application examples, stories, and markets StandexMeder serves for their team and customers.
  • Now with "mobile device responsive capability.
  • Improved and update (Series) Datasheets.
  • More responsive and intuitive design for enhanced user experience tailored to answer a visitor's question, provide information, and improved engagement with a 'customer first' thought process.
  • Functionality items such as connectivity between leads and sales leaders, maps, marketing materials, product pages, and more.
  • Refined content/messaging, compelling copy, and improved imagery, visuals, and aesthetics.
  • Streamlined design and layout to deliver a more compelling identity of our brand, "click-ability", and allure for our major markets, products, capabilities, and languages (English, German, Chinese).
  • New tools and resources such as the company, values, and product videos incorporated into the site to drive traffic/visitors.

Redesigned product pages to increase the information sharing, finding, and allure.


StandexMeder Electronics new global combined website