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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 07:10

Standardized X7R & COG MLC Capacitors for demanding applications

Standardized X7R & COG MLC Capacitors for demanding applications

You're working on a demanding electronic application, like a power supply, DC-DC converter or LED light, and you're looking for multi-layer ceramic capacitors which have been standardized by the industry? Than Syfers' new PSL range is worth applying in your application!

The PSL Range is manufactured using Syfer's unique screen printing process and is the first of several lower cost ranges to be released since the merge into Knowles Capacitors. Features include capacitance range from 220pF to 1µF, temperature range up to 125ºC, lead-free solders and fully compliant with the RoHS & WEEE directives.

Initially available in X7R dielectric the range is now available with Syfer's award winning FlexiCap™ termination selectable across the range. C0G dielectric versions are also now available. For the automotive market the Syfer range of AEC-Q200 qualified products has been extended to meet increasing demands. Chip MLC C0G and X7R dielectric capacitors are offered in capacitances ranging from 100pF to 4.7µF and operating voltages from 50V/63V to 3kV dc. Their small package size is an important characteristic in automotive applications and range from the miniature 0603 to the standard 2220 footprint. In addition, for critical EMI protection applications, Syfer offers 50V and 100V EMI filter capacitors from 330pF to 560nF (balanced line) and from 560pF to 200nF (3 terminal).

Samples are available on request


X7R & COG range manufactured using unique screen printing process

Designed for high demand applications

Capacitance: 100pF - 4,7µF
Voltage range: 50V/63V to 3000V
Chip sizes: 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2220
Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C

Temperature Coefficient of X7R Capacitance (Typical): ±15%