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SPINNER MNCS® - Mobile Network Combining System

SPINNER MNCS® - Mobile Network Combining System

For the multiple use of outdoor antenna systems and for in-house coverage it is necessary to combine signals from mobile communication base stations of several operators and networks in the frequency range from 380 to 2,500 MHz. For these purposes SPINNER offers individual components as well as complete, fully tuned and ready-to use systems called POI (point of interconnection).

    Modular structure

  • The structure of the Mobile Network Combining System (MNCS®) can be variably configured, offering a cost-efficient and compact design in a modular 19“ system that can be extended as required. Since the combining system is delivered in one rack the integration into existing mobile communication systems is easy and quick, requiring only a short shutdown of the mobile communication network.

  • Passive components

  • Spinner uses filter assemblies that guarantee high isolation of the connected mobile communication signals, thus preventing mutual interference between the connected base stations. Exclusively passive components are used for the filter assemblies, ensuring optimum intermodulation properties, low insertion loss and a broad-band operating frequency range as well as high power transmission capacity.

  • Future oriented solution

  • The SPINNER MNCS® provides maximum reliability and is the future-oriented solution for the multiple use of antenna systems.