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Current and voltage measurement devices for hybrid and electric vehicles save space

Isabellenhütte current and voltage measurement devices for hybrid and electric vehicles

Does Charging and Discharging of Lithium-ion batteries for you pose a great challenge to measure current and voltage?

    Sensor module for quick and precise measurements

  • Isabellenhütte Heusler is presenting a sensor module (IMC) tailored to all of the required needs. It can be completely configured according to customer requirements. For use in hybrid and electric vehicles, precision and component size are crucial factors. The small, and therefore space-saving, IMC (shunt: 20 x 85 mm, board 20 x 40 mm) can perform measurements within a current range of  1,500 A at a resolution of 50 mA. The sensor module records voltage within a range of  20 V at a resolution of 1 mV. Measurements are taken via a 100-µ-ohm-shunt, and measured values are logged by the four-channel 16-bit data acquisition system ISA-ASIC. For this pre-calibrated sensor module, customer calibration is no longer necessary. Both supply voltage and SPI signal are electrically isolated.

  • Main Advantages

    Precise measurements
  • Quick measurements
  • Small, Space-saving
  • Completely configurable according to customer requirements