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Space Grade RF, Coaxial And Waveguide Switches? Dow-Key!

Space Grade RF, Coaxial And Waveguide Switches? Dow-Key!

Whenever you work with space grade RF, coaxial and waveguide switches, and need high reliability solutions that can withstand the severe environments space imposes on complex systems...Dow-Key is confident in providing these solutions with decades of experience and knowledge.


    High Reliability

  • Dow-Key switches have had an in-flight failure free record in over 100 different space programs, using 150 different product designs. Low current/magnetic latch SPDT switches have proven themselves in for example GPS-3, Atlas, Milstar and Optus missions. It’s Dow-Key’s rigorous quality assurance processes that allow for (lightweight) transfer switches to be used in critical programs where every gram matters.

  • Innovative

  • For applications demanding more than two RF path combinations (DPDT), Dow-Key offers T-switches with up to three RF path combinations. Random drive switching technology herein, minimizes switching time compared to more commonly used sequential techniques. Various switch types and other components can be combined in a customized block of switches a.k.a. switch block by Dow-key, to aid in achieving high matrix complexity required in space programs.

  • Main Advantages

    Entire team of space experts
  • Specialized facilities and test equipment
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • Decades of experience and knowledge
  • Various (classified) certifications