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New SoundCheck v11 ListenInc

New SoundCheck v11 ListenInc

ListenInc inproved SoundCheck®.

Soundcheck is used for development and production of microphone, speaker, mobile divices.

SoundCheck 11.1 expands on the new features and functionality introduced in version 11.0 with expanded batch processing capability and full integration of the CLEAR algorithm into SoundCheck ONE. It offers increased flexibility with additional save to WAV file options and signal generator synchronization, and usability improvements such as mass export and hardware and calibration table enhancements.

Batch Processing in Limits and Post Processing

New Save to WAV file Options

CLEAR Algorithm in SoundCheck ONE

Signal Generator Synchronization

Mass Export

Active Speech Level Stimulus Control (requires active speech module p/n 2033)

Hardware and Calibration table enhancements