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Robust reed relais

Meder Reed Relais

When you work with heavy farm equipment or other heavy industrial equipment, you know how important it is to assure the safety of the drivers in these vehicles. Sensors used in this industry should be of high quality and be able to withstand heavy use in varying conditions.  
Especially for these heavy industrial applications Meder has developped a robust reed sensor that can withstand many outside influences.

    Magnetic activation

  • The MK27 is a magnetically activated reed sensor. The sensor and the magnet are supplied in a robust aluminum housing, designed for screw mounting assembly allowing flexible and universal use. The sensor is typically applied to the fixed part, while the magnet is placed on the moving surface. The robust aluminum housing protect the magnet and the sensor against extreme environmental influences as well as vandalism or sabotage. Moreover, the cable, unlike other standard sensors with an insulated metal jacket, adds an additional mechanical safety. The MK27’s sensor characteristics make it particularly suitable for use in alarm systems, determining position and end position of doors, flaps, screen control, commercial vehicles, engineering, forestry, construction and agricultural machinery.

  • Main Advantages

    Screw fixing max 4.5 mm max 4.5 mm Ø
  • Power Switch up to 100 W / 2.5 A
  • Cable protection with metal jacket