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Real-Time and Reliable Viscosity Measurements wherever you are

Real-Time and Reliable Viscosity Measurements wherever you are

You are a maintenance engineer and/or responsible for quality control and in your job you deal with oil, printing inks or any other kind of fluid. What matters to you is the monitoring of the condition of these fluids, especially its viscosity. You have several methods to measure the viscosity, but do these methods allow you to take action whenever it is needed? Or can they be set up in matter of minutes?

If you ask yourself these questions, it is more than likely that the ViSmart®-sensors can provide you with an outcome. This solution was developed by Sengenuity, based on the core competencies of its mother company Vectron; frequency control, which is basically the heartbeat of the Sengenuity sensor solutions.

From the thicker oils to thinner inks, because of its wide measurement range (0.6 cSt – 625 cSt) the ViSmart® can measure nearly any type of fluid. It is even resistant to harsh chemicals so there is no need to worry about that. You can install the sensors nearly everywhere thanks to the its robust design which has been tested inside large engine applications and is shock/vibration resistant.

The ViSmart® is the smallest  in-line viscosity sensor. If used in-line, all information that is shown on the panel is real-time. It allows you to take appropriate measures only when the situation asks for it, making sure that not a drip of oil is changed not even a minute too late. It is harder to make those decision based on a snapshot from a sample. This means that the system could help you save barrels of oil on a yearly basis.

Not everyone wants to take measurements on the same place  (or not from the same fluid). Sengenuity thought of that by making sure the system can be used on-the-go. Fast and effortless installation without the need for prior calibration makes ViSmart® even more versatile. By enabling the data logging function, you will be able to analyze the quality of what you measured anytime later and will give insight in value patterns of the fluid.

So if you are looking for a reliable way to perform viscosity measurements, Sengenuity and Heynen can help you configure the perfect setup to keep you on top of your fluid’s conditions 24/7.

    Main Advantages

    In-line measurement
  • No prior calibration needed
  • Scratch, shock and chemical resistant
  • Data logging for QA-analysis
  • RS485- / RS232 / CAN-Open-/4-20 mA interface
  • Cost-effective