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Read your sensing elements directly by using the Smartec UTI

Read your sensing elements directly by using the Smartec UTI

The Universal Transducer Interface (UTI) is a complete analogue front end for low frequency measurement applications, based on a self-calibrating period-modulated oscillator. Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics. Only a single reference element, of the same kind as the sensor, is required. The output is digital and can communicate with any type of micro-controller.

The UTI provides interfacing for all kind of resistive and capacitive sensors.

    Sensing your application

  • Selecting the right sensing element for your application is very important. They are the internal eyes and ears to make sure everything keeps working properly. After selecting the right sensor, the next hurdle is to integrate them in your application. This is not an easy job with multiple sensors with different kinds of output signals. By using the Universal Transducer Interface (UTI), integrating these sensors in your application becomes more easy. In for example Automotive, industrial and medical applications the Universal Transducer Interface can be used for: • Capacitive level sensing • Position sensing • Angle sensing • Accurate temperature measurement (Platinum, NTC) • Bridge sensors for pressure, force etc.

  • UTI - General description

  • The UTI is ideal for use in smart microcontroller-based systems. All data is present on a single microcontroller compatible output, which reduces the number of connecting wires and reduces the number of couplers required in insulated systems. For information about insulated UTI applications, please see the relevant application notes in the support shop of our website. Continuous auto-calibration of offset and gain of the complete system is performed by using the three-signal technique. The low-frequency interference is removed by an advanced chopping technique. Selection of any of the sixteen operating modes takes place by setting four mode-bits.

  • Development kit

  • For actual development purposes, a development kit is available. This kit can be connected directly to a personal computer. Please contact Heynen for samples or design-in support.

  • Main Advantages

    Provides interfacing for many types of sensor elements
  • Measurement of multiple sensor elements
  • Resolution and linearity up to 14 bits and 13 bits
  • Continuous auto-calibration of offset and gain
  • Microcontroller-compatible output signal
  • Typical measurement time 10 ms or 100 ms