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RADCOM provides integrated probe-based service assurance solutions for communications
service providers and equipment vendors. The company specializes in next-generation Cellular as well as IMS, Voice, Data and VoIP networks.

    Country: Israel

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Service Quality Assurance
  • - Probe Based Monitoring
  • - VoIP, IMS, LTE networks

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  • RADCOM RANalysis UMTS Optimisation

    How to optimize a mobile radio network and maintain the high quality of service needed for 3G and 3.5G traffic, and minimise expenses and use of human resources?

  • Radcom Omni-Q for IMS Service Management

    Working with modern IP based telephony you know how complex these networks are. Especially in IMS environments where call flows have become very complex. When a call fails it an be a disaster to find the root cause without having the right tools at your disposal. And how do you report to management about network performance, user experience or billing verification?

  • Radcom Omni-Q LTE Service Assurance

    Do you share a responsibility in building or managing an LTE network? Where you need to ensure that your LTE customers are satisfied with their web, video and gaming experience. This means managing all these different handsets, applications and bandwith usage in a complex network environment. How do you keep track of user experience?

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  • KPN Selects RADCOM Omni-Q Solution to Monitor Services on its IMS Network

    RADCOM, Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: RDCM), a leading network test and service assurance solutions provider, has announced that KPN, the Netherlands' major telecom operator, has selected RADCOM's Omni-Q solution for end-to-end monitoring of its IMS network. KPN will deploy the distributed system, based on RADCOM's powerful R70 probes, to facilitate fault management, service performance analysis, troubleshooting and pre-mediation.

  • Radcom's new R70X8 probe

    Today's major challenge is how to perform detailed analysis of traffic in high throughput networks while maintaining minimal footprint. GEARX8 was introduced to answer this challenge. GEARX8 is a combination of an innovative hardware and software design.