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RADCOM RANalysis UMTS Optimisation

RADCOM RANalysis UMTS Optimisation

How to optimize a mobile radio network and maintain the high quality of service needed for 3G and 3.5G traffic, and minimise expenses and use of human resources?

    UMTS Optimization with Complete Online Radio Analysis

  • The radio infrastructure of UMTS networks is the most challenging domain for engineering and operation units. RANalysis provides a full view of the UTRAN behavior in live UMTS networks. With a wide range of reports and graphs, it becomes an easy task to optimize the radio network and maintain the high quality of service needed for 3G and 3.5G traffic.

  • Highlights

  • - Analyzes complete Iub, Iu and Iur traffic for all UMTS vendors and releases
    - Real-time 24x7
    - Detects radio errors and abnormal cell scenarios
    - Differentiates between radio and core network problems
    - User customizable SON engine
    - Analyzes handovers
    - Identifies coverage and capacity problems
    - Correlates user-plane issues with radio faults
    - Enables drilldown from high level cell activity data to the relevant radio statistics and call flows
    - Supports multiple users

  • Main Advantages

    Minimiszes expenses and use of human resources.
  • OPEX – controllable drive-test.
  • CAPEX – optimized infrastructure usability.
  • Improves service quality by reducing missed and dropped calls.
  • Provides full radio statistics, used to improve the coverage, capacity and QoS of all the network’s cells simultaneously.

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    RADCOM provides integrated probe-based service assurance solutions for communications
    service providers and equipment vendors. The company specializes in next-generation Cellular as well as IMS, Voice, Data and VoIP networks.

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