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Fluke Networks - OptiView XG

Your network environment holds an ever growing number of users and applications that are all under your responsibility. And the networks users put you in charge of fixing any application or network issues they might experience. So want have the fastest way to see the root cause of any issue.

    Take the shortcut to root cause

  • With increasing numbers of users and applications on your network comes less visibility into your network. The complexity increases and adding the fact that users are becoming ever more demanding makes managing an IT environment ever more challenging. The OptiView XG Tablet from Fluke Networks offers the solution to successfully manage and troubleshoot IT challenges.

  • Fluke Networks OptiView XG

  • The OptiView XG is a portable tablet which you can implement anywhere in your network to be able to immediately detect and map your entire network (including your 10 Gigabit & virtual environment). With a clear overview of the environment the next step is to analyze the environment to see what is happening all around you. With the use of customized dashboards, automated tasks & healthchecks you will be able to save on expenses by not having the need for external advice, being able to resolve issue quicker (MTTR) and also to add flexibility and efficiency when performing network analysis at multiple locations when needed. The Optiview XG cleverly uses well known and widely used Fluke Networks tools such as AirMagnet (wireless network & Signal analysis and planning) and ClearSight Analyzer (application & transport analysis) as well as third party input such as NetFlow-data.

  • Main Advantages

    • Tablet form factor providing automated analysis for 10/100 Mbps, 1/10 Gbps and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs
  • • Intuitive user interface with smart navigation and built-in guided problem solving plus user customizable dashboards to view data as needed
  • • Application-centric analysis for a high level view of network application health
  • • Network infrastructure performance analysis to ensure consistent end-user experience
  • • Automated diagnostics and granular data to solve problems before they escalate
  • • Detailed and fast Network Discovery for instant visibility of what's out there and where it’s connected in minutes

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  • Weet u welke apparaten er exact in uw netwerk zich bevinden? De OptiView-XG wel!

    Netwerken worden vandaag de dag steeds complexer en uitgebreider. Documentatie van al die wijzigingen is voor veel netwerkadministrators helaas nog altijd een ondergeschoven kindje. Tel daarbij op dat het uw taak is om dergelijke complexe netwerken te audit'en. Fluke Networks heeft met de introductie van de OptiView-XG Network Analysis Tablet daar een oplossing voor gemaakt. Één tablet, die u inzicht geeft wat er zich allemaal afspeelt op het netwerk.



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