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Prudent use of electrolytic capacitors in vibrating applications

Jianghai electrolytic capacitors for vibrating applications Jianghai electrolytic capacitors for vibrating applications

The use of electrolytic capacitors in vibrating applications like motor controllers or power tools, must be considered very carefully regarding specific criteria.
When you're designing electronic control applications or drives, you have to think about specifications like higher power and miniaturisation.
If you're designing vibrating applications however, you should not forget to think about vibration resistance and temperature!

    Reliable fixation

  • The combination of high current loads and extreme shock- and vibration profiles are a very sensitive mixture for electrolytic capacitors. Specifications like small diameters and high currents can only be achieved by using the corresponding thin foils. If you need vibration-proof capacitors however, thicker foils should be used to create a reliable connection to the pinning of the capacitor. Even the wrapped foil is not allowed to move in the housing because this causes detrimental forces to the attachment of the foil to the pinning of the capacitor. Here a special crimp has been applied to the housing of the electrolytic capacitor to fix the coil.

  • Guaranteed operation

  • The extensive experience of Jianghai in vibrating applications like power tools of renowned manufacturers, can be used to support you in selecting the right reliable components for your application. To provide you this high reliability and assurance that the offered electrolytic capacitors will satisfy your expectations, all the produced capacitors will be intensively tested on vibration in an internally accredited laboratory. To pass the heavy vibration, shocks and drop tests succesfully, the electrolytic capacitors made by Jianghai contain a slightly thichker foil. This has been done to prevent the connection from foil to the pinning of the capacitor from breaking. Besides, the special crimp will fix the winding to the cup. This proces is very delicate because the foil inside the electrolytic capacitor may not crush or damage. An additional quality control by X-ray observation of the electrolytic capacitor from different angles ensures this process. Based on the experience in this field, we'd be happy to support you in calculating such a capacitors and to find the optimal solution. Samples can be provided on request.

  • Main Advantages

    Vibration proof electrolytic capacitors
  • Reliable operation
  • Technical support
  • Calculated solution

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