Professional Audio & Video Suppliers


ABonAir designeds sollutions for broadcast professionals. ABonAir's innovative systems transmit video content from cameras to OB-vans or control centers, using microwave technology. ABonAir product-line advantages include high-quality video, extended range, low delay, and bi-directional links ensuring 100% availability.


Logging from audio and video for the broadcast world. Special logging applications for governments, parliaments and various professional applications. Codec-management systems.

Artel Video Systems

Artel Video Systems develops, manufactures, and markets high performance broadcast quality video transport hardware.

When the world is watching, you can depend on Artel.


BFE is a system integrator and a sales and service partner for the broadcast market. Their core business in the product area is the KSC, a universal router control system. BFE is also recognised as a high quality integrator for OB-Van projects and complex audio and video solutions.
The reliable KSC Router Control System makes it possible to switch easily between routers from different manufacturers. Its configurability and modular construction means that it can be used virtually everywhere and can be expanded as desired. Thanks to its manufacturer neutrality it can be adapted easily to all new or existing technical studio equipment.


Boland Communications provide customers with premium quality LCD monitors available in world wide formats. You’ll see amazing images with enhanced Ultra Pixel picture quality in varying light and viewing conditions. Boland is constantly pushing the boundaries in new technology, outfitting our LCD monitors with the widest color gamut and ultra deep blacks. Red, green, and blue stability is guaranteed by the All-Digital 10-bit Processing.

Bridge Technologies

Advanced monitoring and analysis systems and patented innovation for hardware, software and the cloud. Bridge Technologies provides true end-to-end transparency.


Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters. 

Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of AoIP and IP infrastructures, and its work with third-party integration, means Calrec is at the epicentre of changing broadcast requirements.

Commotion provides new tools for radio broadcaster to engage and interact with their audiences via mobile smartphone technology and social media. Commotion allows broadcasters to generate new revenue from both their social media presence and their mobile efforts.
Enco Systems

DAD Pro, a range of digital audio systems from the leader in digital audio delivery and creative concepts that will increase revenues, reduce expenses and improve technical quality for radio and television stations.
Worldwide the most installed system.

Factum Radioscape

Since 1997, we have multiplexed 1000s of radio services on over 200 ensembles to millions of listeners. With a background in the development of broadcast systems and monitoring products, our experience with DAB+ transmission networks are unrivalled in the digital radio sector.


Ferncast is a team of top developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Lead by Dr. Hauke Krüger, who is already known through multiple publications in the areas of digital signal processing, including significant contributions to the Opus codec algorithm, the Ferncast team develops new solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry.


GHIELMETTI has been founded in 1912 being in professional AV business since mid of the 70s. Headquarters are in Biberist Switzerland, worldwide sales are basing on a professional distribution network with leading local partners.

Gotham Audio Cables
A superior range of professional audio cables which meets the professional's demand for worry-free transportation of audio-signals.

Gsertel was born with a key objective: designing and manufacturing professional measuring equipment that would surpass existing technologies in order to provide the end user with simple solutions that were not covered until now.


IDS is a versatile IP-based control and display system consisting of configuration software and dedicated hardware devices.

Developed for the stringent demands of the broadcast industry, IDS integrates seamlessly with all essential equipment, providing a stable, centralised control environment whilst displaying critical and dynamic content on networked display devices throughout your organisation.


VCOM™ is a highly interoperable, IP Software Intercom leveraging advanced algorithms and software engineering for on the edge streaming and ultra wide band communications. The System is engineered to support highly dynamic, fast, and complex communications requirements.
The use of standard off the shelf interface hardware in conjunction with VCOM's unique software package allows an unprecedented level of system integration while costs are kept to a minimum and rapid obsolescence is eliminated.


Listen is a world leader in audio and electroacoustic test and measurement.


LiveU is driving the live video revolution, providing live video streaming for TV, mobile, online and social media.

Let your audience become part of your story with high-quality and flawless live video, transmitted from anywhere in the world, through the use of our patented bonding and video transport technology.

LiveU creates a consistent bandwidth and a reliable connection so you can acquire, manage and distribute high-quality remote live broadcasts.


CENTAURY Audio Gateway ISDN and IP Codec, CENTAURY Audio WebServer, Flashman Audio Recorder, MPEG4 Audio and Video encoder (13 algoritme as G711, G722, Layer 2, Layer 3, AAC, AAC Lowdelay, mp3Pro, and others).
IO8001 is a fully compliant MPEG 4 audio video encoder for professional use, including ISMA/RTP streaming and is fully up-to-date in terms of audio video quality incorporating the newest standards and protocols as well as high tech encoder developments.

Media Excel

Media Excel defines the multi-screen transcoding standard for video delivery across the head-end, cloud and edge video distribution network. 

The HERO platform is the most flexible and reliable multi-screen transcoding software providing the highest video quality running on our scalable hardware or yours. It includes an advanced management software package.


The Ultimate Source for Your Multimedia Communications

Nimbus, inc. offers an innovative provider of Wireless/Internet multimedia communication system, especially transmitting and receiving 1080p60 full HD resolution of video and high quality audio over the air. 


The Swiss based company Studer is one of the leaders worldwide for professional audio. Founded by Willi Studer in 1948, over the years the company and its brand name Studer became synonymous for broadcasting and recording equipment. Today Studer is able to offer solutions for nearly every application in the field of Professional Audio.

The product range includes equipment and systems for TV / Radio Broadcast, Recording and Production Studios, or 19" components for system applications. All made in Switzerland.


Teracue is a manufacturer of products for network-based video streaming and management of video streams. The product components allow high-quality video networking within LAN and intranet networks. The product components can be combined and scaled – from simple installations for Video-over-IP transmission to complex and complete Video On-demand systems.


Tieline Technology is an established technology provider that manufactures the world's most advanced radio and television codecs that transmit FM quality audio, communications and data over IP and other network transports. 


VoxPro audio editor Software and Control Panel imports and exports all popular file formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF and WMA files. Allows instantaneous file transfer between work group members.

WorldCast Systems

WorldCast Systems designs and develops a wide range of innovative broadcast equipment for the Radio & TV markets worldwide.

WorldCast Systems combine the expertise and knowledge gained over 60 years’ experience in the field with the latest innovative technologies to provide broadcast engineers with highly reliable, efficient and user-friendly products.

Encompassing the leading brands APT, Ecreso & Audemat, our product range includes audio codecs, FM transmitters, RF signal monitoring, RDS encoders, audio processors and remote site control units, designed to meet the needs of both large international broadcast networks and small private stations alike.