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Video Encaption, voice to text tool by ENCO

Video Encaption, voice to text tool by ENCO

Do you create Video Content?

If so you may be covered by regulations that require you to caption your output for hearing impaired viewers.

Until now, you've had very few choices, most of them very expensive and labor-intnesive. Now you have an easier, more cost effective choise- enCaption4.

    Do you create video content?

  • What is enCaption4? enCaption4, from ENCO, is a unique totally automated hardware/software solution that can automatically generate captioning on live or recorded video. Using enCaption4, content creators can provide real-time, live captioning to their hearing impaired audience anytime, without any advance notice and without the high costs of live captioners or signers

  • enCaption4 Benefits

  • • Minimize human error by automating the captioning process for live or recorded video • Offer audio transcription in near-real-time (typically within three seconds) • Improve accuracy with an enhanced recognition engine that picks up patterns of speech from any voice • Provide around-the-clock generation to ensure that captions are being created when needed • Set up personalized localization features, which ensure that local venues, individuals and locales are spelled accurately • Reduce overall cost • Provide multiple language functionality • Require minimal operator intervention • On-premise or cloud model • Patent protected solution for broadcasters and professional AV customers • Seamlessly compatible with NDI® Networked Video Infrastructure

  • How does enCaption4 work?

  • enCaption4 uses ENCO’s latest enhanced speaker independent neural network-based speech recognition engine to closely inspect and transcribe your audio in near real-time (typically 3 seconds). Available in a number of languages, enCaption4 works with your audio stream, whether recorded or live and local to your facility. This puts you in control of the captioning process and makes it available even in the most demanding situations. This is not an ENR/prompter based system, nor is it a ‘re-speaking’ system requiring live personnel to operate. enCaption4 is a fully automated, true speaker independent speech recognition based system that is available whenever you need it. Linking enCaption4 to your electronic newsroom system allows it to automatically access current and historical script information to build a local dictionary which allows the system to improve accuracy over time - it literally gets better every day! You can also easily feed enCaption specific scripts for presentations, meetings or other productions. enCaption4 gets the job done - reliably, accurately and at a significant cost savings. Curious what we can do your you? Please contact Ad de Groot at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. t +31 (0)485 550903 m +31 (0)6 209 58 712

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