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The most affordable high channel count HQ mixing console around today

Studer Vista 5 BE Hero 05 Harman Studer

Are you looking for a legendary Studer Mixing Console, which is user friendly, flexible and at the same time able to handle large numbers of channels, auxes and/or buses? Then you should certainly take a look at the new Vista 5 Black Edition, the most affordable, cost effective digital mixing console on the market today!

    Studer Vista 5 BE

  • The brand new Vista 5 Black Edition BE is a full substitute of the acclaimed Vista 5 M3. The desk is available in 22, 32 and 42 fader sizes, supports an optional TFT meter bridge and runs on either an Compact Infinity Core 300/600 or Infinity CoreLink COTS card. All together making it a very cost-effective solution for use in broadcast, production or live projects.

  • Compact Infinity Core

  • The Compact Infinity Core 300 supports, as its name says, 300 MEQs and Compact Infinity Core 600 supports 600 MEQs. It has redundant built-in primary power supplies. Secondary PSU redundancy can be achieved by full core redundancy (2 Cores). The Compact Infinity Core uses the same Compact CoreLink card as used for COTS servers. The CoreLink card itself features: 4 x SFP for MM or SM modules (4 x 1536 Ch A-Link In/Out). 1x RJ45 for A-Link Ethernet Control embedding. The built-in expansion board features: 1x optical MM MADI connector. 1x SYNC IN (Video / AES / Word Clock). Board also has an internal clock generator if no external clock is available. 1x Word Clock Out The Compact Infinity Cores (300 & 600) can be used with: Vista 5 Black Edition / Vista V / Vista X and comes with two CoreLink configurations selectable from the Core’s Web interface: 4 x 1 A-Link 1536 Ch (= Total 6’144 Ch.) 2 x 2 A-Link 1536 Ch (= Total 3’072 Ch.) -> single Core to redundant Core.

  • Infinity CoreLink COTS card

  • The Infinity CoreLink Card COTS is used if customers want to configure an Infinity Core on an Off-The-Shelf PC server.

  • Main Advantages

    User friendly
  • Flexible
  • High channel/aux/bus count
  • Cost effective

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  • Studer

    The Swiss based company Studer is one of the leaders worldwide for professional audio. Founded by Willi Studer in 1948, over the years the company and its brand name Studer became synonymous for broadcasting and recording equipment. Today Studer is able to offer solutions for nearly every application in the field of Professional Audio.

    The product range includes equipment and systems for TV / Radio Broadcast, Recording and Production Studios, or 19" components for system applications. All made in Switzerland.

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