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4K/8K UHD TICO or LLVC NMI format encoding or decoding CODECs

4K/8K UHD TICO or LLVC NMI format encoding or decoding CODECs

BM ULTRA series is a set of extremely powerful 4K UHD/HD video processor & TICO or LLVC NMI IP converter devices to convert 4K UHD/HD SDI to & from IP in a variety of formats, provides Ultra-high definition users very reliable and efficient bridge solutions between IP & UHD/HD-SDI video formats. See details at

 B&M™ is a leading video audio equipments and solutions provider in designing,  manufacturing  and  marketing video infrastructure products and solutions for the professional high-end audio and video broadcast, video over IP  networking and transmitting markets. The digital video  and audio equipments are used in all stages of 4K/8K UHD / HD & HDR high quality video processing systems, broadcast television program production, post-production, archiving, asset management, video over IP, VOD and digital intermediate processing (movies, TV commercials).

    Codec details

  • BM ULTRA Series· 4K/8K UHD TICO or LLVC NMI format encoding or decoding CODECs. Provides 10G SFP+ IP data streams in or out with FEC @ SMPTE 2022-6 & SMPTE 2022-7 hitless failover. 4K UHD/HD Frame synchronizer built-in, Gen lockable. Visually lossless compressed or uncompressed transport. Highest quality video transmission with the lowest latency. Supports 12G/6G/3G/HD SDI baseband video formats in & out. Vertical interval switching with COTS IP switches. Optional A/V frame delays for Lip-Sync compensation. Optional for independent 4 channels HD-SDI signals over IP transmission. Optional for HDMI or DP signals in & out. Optional 4K signal generator built-in. Optional UP/DOWN conversion between 4K UHD & HD video. Optional for different kinds of video frame rate conversion feature. Optional conversion between 12G-SDI & 4 x 3G-SDI signals. Optional conversion between 12G-SDI & RDD35 3G-SDI signals. Optional transcoder between TICO & LLVC NMI format. Optional for SMPTE 2110 supported. Optional GUI based on SNMP V1.0 provides a ideal simple control interface. Optional for life system manager (BM LCSM) program for life remote controlling & monitoring all of the B&M IP products in the intranet as the option.

  • Main Advantages

    low latency
  • 4K/8K formats
  • Video over IP

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